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Porto and the Douro Basin Portugal.

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The Douro river comes into Portugal from Spain and flows across the country to enter the sea at Porto.

The main areas of tourist interest are Porto (Oporto) for the Port Wine blending lodges on the south bank of the river and the grape growing area of the Douro river.

Many of the grape growing Quintas offering accommodation are on the slopes of the Douro valley looking down onto the river. Nowadays the Quintas are allowed to blend their production with brandy to make their own label Port Wine.

The riverside area of Porto has been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site as has been the Port Wine Production area and also the pre-historic drawings at Foz Coa on the upper reaches of the river

The north of the region is part of the Vinho Verde production area and also has the city of Guimaraes which once was the capital of Portugal.

Braga is another important town with many churches and is known as the religious capital of the country.

Other types of accommodation within the Porto and Douro Region
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Manor Houses - Oporto and Douro Valley - Portugal
Casa do Barreiro, Mondim do Basto, North Portugal Mondim de Basto Casa do Barreiro de Cima map
Manor House in the upper valley of the River Tamega.
Casa das Paredes, Guimaraes Fafe Casa das Paredes map
Manor House with fine gardens near Guimaraes, the former capital of Portugal.
Casa de Alfena, Povoa de Lanhoso Povoa de Lanhoso Casa de Alfena map
Manor House that has been restored to a high standard, it also has a museum of gold.
Casa de Lamas, North Portugal Cabeceiras de Basto Casa de Lamas map
Restored Manor House and Cottages surrounded by a large property.
Casa de Pascoaes, Amarante Amarante Casa de Pascoaes map
A house for poetry in a wine producing property behind the Marao mountain, a short distance from Amarante.
Casa de Rebolfe, Cinfaes Cinfaes Casa de Rebolfe map
Restored farm house overlooking the Douro River.
Casa da Levada Amarante Casa da Levada map
Old Manor House in a high mountain village near Amarante.
Quinta de Mouraes, Douro region, North Portugal Entre os Rios - Douro river Quinta de Mouraes map
Manor House with beautiful gardens near the Douro River.
Quinta do Cao, Douro valley, Portugal Entre os Rios - Douro river Quinta do Cao map
Modernised property on the Douro River.
Casa de Santo Antonio de Britiande, Lamego Lamego Casa de Santo Antonio de Britiande map
Manor House with vineyards lying between the Douro and Dao regions.
Casa de Casal de Loivos, Pinhao, Douro Valley Pinhao Casa de Casal de Loivos map
Wine producing estate. The view was chosen by a television program as one of the six best in the world.
Casa de Vilarinho de Sao Romao, Douro Valley Pinhao Casa de Vilarinho de Sao Romao map
17th Century Manor House in vineyards producing grapes for Port Wine.
Quinta de la Rosa, Pinhao, Douro Valley Pinhao Quinta de La Rosa map
Quinta on the banks of the Douro River producing Port Wine commercially.
Quinta da Avozinha, Braganca, Tras os Montes, North Portugal Braganca Quinta da Avozinha map
Quinta with separate guest accommodation located in a small village near the Castle of Braganca.
Solar de Chacim, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Tras os Montes Macedo de Cavaleiros Solar de Chacim map
Manor in a country area of Portugal where traditional customs remain

Manor Houses in other regions of Portugal
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Accommodation in the Manor Houses in the Porto (Oporto) and Douro valley areas of Portugal including Braga, Guimaraes, Amarante and Regua.

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