Accommodation in Manor Houses, Solares, Casas and Quintas
Beiras Region of Portugal.

This region of Portugal, between Oporto and Lisbon has scenery varying from the sea, the coastal plain and the mountains.

On the coast, there are long sandy beaches with the seaside resort of Figueira de Foz and the backwaters of Ria de Aveiro forming lagoons.

Coimbra is a busy town worth visiting and has one of the oldest universities in Portugal and is famous for the distinctive Fado singing.

The fast road into Spain passes through Viseu and Guardia, It passes the highest mountains in Portugal where there is skiing in winter and mountain walks in summer.

The interior has accommodation in mountain villages, carrying on a way of life which has changed little over hundreds of years.

Accommodation in Manor Houses in the Beiras area of Portugal including Coimbra.

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